What is a seeker?

Seekers are all individuals (usually a company or organisation) seeking for an external solution to an outstanding challenge within the organisational environment. Our commitment to Seekers consists in providing them access to the knowledge and expertise of the Solvers (solution makers) from the main universities and international research centres, in addition to independent Solvers worldwide, to solve large or small organisational challenges, thus obtaining operational gains and/or adjustments in their products/services, consistent with the real needs of the market, i.e., enhance competitiveness and reduce time-to-market access to new products, services and processes.

I'm a seeker. Why InoCrowd?

  • Reduce Costs

    Reduce costs and complement your internal R&D with external ideas, broadening solution range of options

  • Reduce time

    Significantly reduce the time to reach a solution, thereby increasing efficiency by shortening the time of access to markets for new products and services

  • More distinctive

    Make products and services of your organization more distinctive in the market

  • New revenue sources

    Bring new revenue sources to your company

  • Competitive advantages

    Join a community of Open Innovation and provide important competitive advantages for your company

  • Expand your ideas

    Allow your company to expand the breadth of ideas, mitigating technical and marketing risks commonly related to innovation

  • Innovate business model

    Innovate the business model, responding to changes in the market, through the synergy between internal and external ideas

  • Think outside the box

    Get your team to start thinking "outside the box" and have a different perspective about things that had always been considered as default, through knowledge and exchanging ideas with people outside the company

Are you seeking for a external solution to an outstanding challenge?

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