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Fire-resistant Intumescent Paint for Passive Protection Against Fire
Type Practical Challenge
Areas Chemistry \ Biochemistry, Chemistry \ Chemistry, Chemistry \ Polymer chemistry, Chemistry \ Syntehtic chemistry, Desenvolvimento de Novos Produtos e Serviços., Desenvolvimento de Novos Produtos e Serviços., Energy \ Biogas energy, Energy \ Biomass energy, Energy \ Distribution, Energy \ Electric mobility, Energy \ Energy efficiency, Energy \ Energy storage, Energy \ Geothermal energy, Energy \ Hydro energy, Energy \ Intelligent networks, Energy \ Photovoltaic solar energy, Energy \ Solar power, Energy \ Thermal energy, Energy \ Tidal power, Energy \ Wind power, Engenharia, Engenharia, Engineering \ Aerospace engineering, Engineering \ Agro engineering, Engineering \ Bioengineering, Engineering \ Chemical engineering, Engineering \ Civil engineering, Engineering \ Electrical engineering, Engineering \ Environment Engineering, Engineering \ Hydraulic Engineering, Engineering \ Materials engineering, Engineering \ Mechanical engineering, Engineering \ Process design and optimization, Mathematics \ Game theory, Mathematics \ Mathematical models and algorithms, Mathematics \ Statistics, Physical Sciences \ Astronomy, Physical Sciences \ Biophysics, Physical Sciences \ Geology, Physical Sciences \ Geophysics, Physical Sciences \ Nanotechnology, Physical Sciences \ Neuroscience, Physical Sciences \ Physics
Award € 5.000 00 Deadline 2018-02-07
Posted by Barbot
The use of intumescent paints for passive protection against fire in metal structures has seen a great growth in recent years. The construction of buildings often uses a steel structure, given the simple manufacture of these structures. However, like all materials, steel loses mechanical properties when exposed to high temperatures. It is estimated that it loses about 40% resistance when it reaches 550°C. Steel must, therefore, be protected in the event of a fire. Passive fire protection is a requirement to protect lives during catastrophic events. The structure of a building must be adequately protected in the event of a fire.

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