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Leading Dutch energy supplier is looking for new smart solutions to activate customers to use their energy more efficiently and produce energy themselves 
Type Practical Challenge
Areas Eficiência Operacional, Eficiência Operacional, Energy \ Biogas energy, Energy \ Biomass energy, Energy \ Distribution, Energy \ Electric mobility, Energy \ Energy efficiency, Energy \ Energy storage, Energy \ Geothermal energy, Energy \ Hydro energy, Energy \ Intelligent networks, Energy \ Photovoltaic solar energy, Energy \ Solar power, Energy \ Thermal energy, Energy \ Tidal power, Energy \ Wind power
Award € 5.000 00 Deadline 2018-09-11
Posted by InoCrowd
A leading Dutch energy supplier wants to activate their customers’ behaviour in use and production of energy. Therefore the company is looking for innovative products and services that can support this strategy. The proposed type of collaboration is a license agreement.

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