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Who are the solvers?

Solvers can be anyone who is a specialist in a given area or domain and who is willing to receive real-life challenges faced by Companies (i.e. Seekers) and help them by submiting solutions. If the solution proposed is selected by the seeker, a pre-determined fee will be payed to the solver by the seeker. The intelectual Property (IP) of the solutions selected by the solvers, whenever applicable, is transfered to the seeker.

Our solvers tipically belong to one of the following categories:

  • Specialized research and developers that work on highly recognized Universities or R&D teams across the world, that want to submit solutions as part of their work within, and on behalf of, the University / Intitution to whom they work for;
  • People with experience in one or more domains, tipically gained through years of experience in the private or public sector, that want to submit solutions as an individual, rather than on behalf of an Organization / Institution; and
  • "Regular" people, acting as an individual, that want to put their "piece" of knowledge to benefit the "whole". This is the "crowd"!

I am a Solver. What's in it for me?

  • Ideas solvers have in their "drawers" can finally be put in practice;
  • Increase visibility and personal recognition;
  • Re-use ideas that seem obvious for the solvers but that might effectively help seekers, with financial gains. There is always someone willing to pay for the right ideas; and
  • For Universities and Research and Development departments, this is a good opportunity to increase funding and focus research on usable ideas,as this is a source for motiviation for any researcher.

How can I join?

To obtain more information on how can we help you please register today as solver here or contact us by e-mail.


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