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Who are the seekers?

Seekers are all individuals (usually a Company or Organization) that seek a solution from the crowd to an existing challenge still to be solved. A seeker can be a public or private Company, profit or non-profit Organization, large or SME, with global or local reach, as all these type of Companies have challenges for which an outside perspective can prove to be invaluable.

I am a Seeker. Why Open Innovation?

  • Because knowledge cannot be kept "within the walls" of your Company, and because an outside-the-box perspective either from our customers, clients, suppliers, employees, specialized and world-known researchers or simply from the "crowd", can unlock a challenge that is tangled in the way Companies always did things and for which no foreseeable solution seems to exist;
  • Because it reduces costs when compared to the costs of having a dedicated R&D team;
  • Because it reduces time to achieve a solution, thus increasing efficiency; and
  • Because it makes your people think outside-the-box and have a different perspective on things that were considered "normal behaviour".

What's InoCrowd Vaue Proposition?

Our commitment with the seekers is to provide them access to the knowledge and expertise of researchers and common people around the world, in order for them to solve big or small challenges and obtain operational gains or adjust their products / services to the real needs of the markets.

value proposition

How can I join?

To obtain more information on how can we help you and about our products please contact us either by e-mail, on the contact us section or by signing up here as a seeker


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