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How can I join?

To obtain more information on how can we help you please sign up today as solver or as a seeker at or contact us by e-mail.

What is a challenge?

A challenge is a problem faced by a Seeker, for which he has no foreseeable solution, and that is submitted to the solvers as an open or closed request, so that solutions can be presented.

How are challenges evaluated?

Challenges are evaluated by the seekers that have submitted the challenge. InoCrowd does not play an active role in the evaluation of the solutions and is not responsible for the deciding on the winning solution. However, InoCrowd can, if requested by the seeker, act as a facilitator between the seeker and a shortlist of solvers.

How secure is the information posted at InoCrowd?

Information security is a priority for InoCrowd, and is one part of the values of our company. We understand that the nature of the information related both with the challenges and the solutions posted at can be confidential; also that the information can represent a competitive advantage to our clients' business. As such, we provide our clients all the mechanisms to protect the information as needed.
Our clients, better than anyone else, know how critical the information is for their business, thus, must use the mechanisms available in in order to fit their needs in terms of security. Below we present all the mechanisms that are available to all our clients:

  • The seeker can create a "private" challenge, meaning that the challenge is only sent to a pre-defined set of solvers and is therefore not visible to the public;
  • Right before posting a challenge online, the seeker has the possibility to chose whether certain information is shown or hide, such as: name of the seeker, email and image of the challenge;
  • Possibility to show the value of award and the details of the challenge only to registered users;
  • Possibility to show the value of award and the details of the challenge only to registered users;
  • All the information exchanged between the users (seekers and solvers) and the portal is transmitted through a secure channel (using https), making use of a 128-bit encryption key negotiated with the support of a digital certificate that holds a 2048-bit RSA private key; and
  • All the information related to the challenges is encrypted in our databases, making use of the encryption functionalities of the database engine itself. If the seeker wants to have an additional layer of security, it is possible to encrypt all the information with the support of a digital certificate issued only to the seeker, that can be generated either by the seeker or by InoCrowd.

In addition to this, from a legal point of view, both the "terms of use" and "ownership of R&D results regulation agreement " accepted both by the seeker and solvers, contains non-disclosure clauses that covers all information obtained in scope of a given challenge.

Finally, InoCrowd maintains a set of technological controls that provide reasonable assurance concerning the protection of our information systems against its unauthorised use.


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